Last weekend saw the NG Road Racing coming to Snetterton which was a good test session for the boys before the British Sidecars get here at the weekend. So they can test a few things and change them. The Saturday afternoon races were cancelled in the end after having a storm hit mid afternoon and the track being flooded. So the boys race was added on to their first race Sunday making it a 10 lapper. The boys finished 3rd behind world sidecar outfit of the Christie’s brothers and British sidecar outfit of Archer and Bryant

Kevin said “he was pleased with how she was going but started to suffer after lap 7 but dug in”

Guy “was happy with how it was going shame about the start as they missed a bit of pushing by 2 outfits in front so whet out wide as they were starting next to the wall. But sorted a few bits out which has helped”

Race 2 was now a 7 lapper rather than a 6 laps. The boys got a good start leading for nearly a lap before the Christie’s passed them round outside on Coram. Kevin and Guy found their pace and kept a good gap between them and Hegarty and Nicholls who were battling for 3rd.

Kevin said “he was pleased with how the weekend went and times coming down and looking forward to the British round here at Snetterton”